Rodent Proofing

Winter months are rodents’ most active time for entering structures as they search for food and shelter from cold temperatures. Now is the time to contact Bug-U Pest Control to begin taking steps to rodent-proof structures, both inside and out. 

Keep them out! Remember, mice can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime or larger, while rats can get through openings quarter-sized or larger. Bug-U Pest offers one of the best preventive pest control services available in Rodent Proofing. Rodent Proofing Services involves coming in to your location and evaluating the building itself with an eye towards avoiding infestation by pests and rodents.

Easy Rodent Proofing Process


Rodent Proofing includes an assessment as to how pests and rodents are entering a building. This assessment may make recommendations on trash bin location. There may be recommendations towards barriers, traps, or poisons designed to eliminate animals and insects from moving into the building.


During the installation stage, we will install door sweeps under entry doors that may have open gaps at their base. Any cracks or holes between wall panels, baseboards and walls, around windows, or cracks in the grout or foundation in tiled areas. We will pay special attention to drains and conduits, closing any voids surrounding them. We will also clean out your floor drains to control drain flies.

Quality Control Inspection

The Quality Control Inspection involves our managing technician thoroughly looking at the areas addressed in the installation. Our technicians will verify that the installation was done properly and will prevent future infestation. We recommend that the building be checked at regular intervals.

Treatment Areas

Bug-U Pest won’t give them a place to hide!
  • Basement Doors
  • Fascia, Soffits & Eaves
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Foundation
  • Chimney Area
  • Ridge Vents

Benefits of Rodent Proofing Service

  • Prevention is more affordable than extermination.
  • Having regular visits from our professionals will prove to be cost effective. We know what was done during the previous prevention visit and can easily spot new issues. 
  • In addition to stopping pests and rodents from entering your business, sealing off access will also help you conserve energy, lowering your heating bills during the winter months

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